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Monday - Friday (except for County Holidays and employee absences)


The Election Commissioner is located on the third floor, east end of hallway of the Platte County Courthouse building on 26th Avenue, 14th Street in Columbus NE








2610 14th Street
Columbus, NE 68601


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Connie J. Sebourn

Election Commissioner

The Election Commissioner Office in Platte County will be serving the public now during the COVID-19 to keep my staff and myself healthy as well as other members of the community. We are encouraging people of our Community to help us out by doing Voter Registration and Early (Absentee) Ballot Request forms. They are accessible on this page. On the left side towards the bottom, there will be the forms link that you will need to click on. Please note when doing Voter Registration on our web page it will take you right to the Secretary of States page to compete that form. A person can go directly to the Nebraska Secretary of State’s web page as well to complete or download the forms. If the public does not have access to a computer we encourage you to call my office directly at 402-563-4908 or the courthouse general number 402-563-4900 extension 222 to request a form be sent to you. A person can also request an Early Ballot sent to them by following these steps – Stating in a letter that the  Primary 2020 Election ballot be sent to you and providing us with your name, address  & if you have a mailing address provide that as well, the voter will have to sign and date the letter and please provide us with a phone number so we can contact you with any questions. We strongly encourage people to call us at 402-563-4908 or the courthouse direct number is 402-563-4900 extension 222 if they feel they must come to the courthouse so we can handle your business in a new way for now.  Thanks for the communities help with the matter. 

Press Release from Secretary of State Robert Evnen Regarding Nebraska Voters with Disabilities

Executive Order No. 20-16, Coronavirus - Elections


2020 Primary Election Sample Ballots

The Election Commissioner is responsible for maintaining all voter registration records and conduction all primary, general and special elections.  This office works in conjunction with the Nebraska Secretary of State’s office to ensure compliance with all state and federal election guidelines.

Mission Statement: 

To conduct elections fairly, impartially and legally…..and to maintain the Voter Registration and Election Records for Present and Future Use. 

Filing Information for 2020

To File or obtain information on filing for office

Contact the Platte County Election Commissioner.

  • Filing Forms available in this office.
  • Filing Fees to be paid in this office, with some exceptions.
  • NADC Statements of Financial Interest Forms available in this office.

A reminder to all candidates for the primary election, for an elective office specified in State Statue 49-1493, any candidate who fails to file a statement of financial interests with the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission on or before this date of March 9, 2020 shall not appear on the primary election ballot. State Statue 49-1494.
Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure C-1 Form

County & local filings
State and Federal Filings - “Candidates for the _____” (desired election)

Delegate to a County Convention Registration Form


Election Notices

NOTICE OF ELECTION & FILING DEADLINES - Primary Election - May 12, 2020


2020 Census Information

The following flyers for the 2020 Census are real and not a scam.  If anyone in the community needs help in completing the 2020 census they may stop at the Election Commissioner’s Office at the courthouse Monday – Friday 8-5.

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